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About Us

Nannup Timber Processing

Nannup Timber Processing is a producer of 
high quality Jarrah and Marri timber.
Jarrah hardwood is processed into flooring,

furniture components and other pre-dressed

and finished dressed products.

We only mill Jarrah which is harvested from

Western Australian State managed sustainable forests.

Established in 1926 

Nannup Mill was established in 1926 as the Kauri Timber Company. 

One of its features was a vertical log band mill

of American design, which transferred from Ellis Creek Mill, halfway between Nannup and Bridgetown. Ellis Creek Mill closed in 1925.

Today’s mill began operation in 1964 when Douglas Jones Pty Ltd bought the Kauri Timber Company.

The mill was sold to Millars Pty Ltd in 1972 and was secured by Sotico in the Millars takeover in 1983.

It was operated by Sotico until May 2001 when it was sold to M&B Sales Pty Ltd.  
The mill is now operated by Nannup Timber Processing Pty Ltd, 
an associated company of M&B Sales Pty Ltd.

Under M&B Sales the mill has been upgraded and
value adding processing facilities introduced.

The Nannup Timber Processing mill is designed to  
mill Jarrah
(Eucalyptus Marginata) which is harvested
from Western
Australia’s state managed forests.          

These sustainable forests are managed by the For
ests Products

Commission. FPC’s management strategies ensure that much of

Western Australia’s hardwood forests are protected in reserves                     

and national parks which  cannot be logged.                       

The majority of the Jarrah and Karri forests are protected in this way.                            

The remainder of the forests are managed for multiple uses

including recreation, tourism, flora and fauna conservation and

timber supply. All old growth Jarrah forests are now fully protected.

Areas set aside for timber supply are logged on a
sustained yield

basis. This means that there are always more trees being grown

than harvested.