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Jarrah is a highly durable and dense hardwood timber, renowned for its strength and versatility. It varies in colour from a rich reddish brown to a salmon pink and has an attractive natural grain.

Jarrah is recognised as one of the finest general purpose hardwoods in the world and is used to make high grade furniture, flooring, decking and joinery.

Its resistance to damp, dry rot, fungal growths and fire also make it a sought after structural timber.


Nannup Timber Processing has a contract with the Government of Western Australia for 32,000 tonne of Jarrah log resource per annum

and operate under the International Environmental Management System certified with the Forest Products Commission WA.

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All resources are harvested and delivered to the mill using best practice and sustainable methods.

EWPAA Certification
EWPAA Cetification
EWPAA Cetification

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